Tuesday, April 20, 2010


How it happened was a mystery
That would change the course of history.
Somehow the spark of life took hold
In an ancient primordial sea.

Behold, a blob of divine potential,
Unequipped to imagine its own eventual
Importance. For it was destined to be
Quite significant and influential.

And as eons passed it formed a brain.
It grew eyes and a tail and rearranged
Its pieces and parts, to find the ideal,
It ever so slowly changed.

It was still just a blob, basically,
But it learned to use its agility
To wiggle and squirm and carve out a life
To the best of its ability.

With the passing of time it learned to do more.
It grew fins and scales and began to explore
The whole of the oceans, and when it was through
Fixed its sights upon the shore.

It grew legs and skin and working lungs
And hauled itself into the light of the sun
And it breathed the air, and it walked the earth
And yet still it was not done.

And the blob diverged into various forms,
Some rather plain, some out of the norm.
And it conquered the land, the water, the skies,
And the planet was transformed.

It coupled and grew into families,
Developed culture and complex societies.
It built villages, towns and organized nations
All part of its lasting legacy.

Its knowledge grew at a furious pace.
It unlocked the mysteries of time and of space.
It mastered its world and all it contained
And undoubtedly won life's race.

Finally, with no problems left to solve,
And confident that it had fully evolved,
It sunk deep into a comfy chair
And turned right back into a blob.

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