Monday, April 5, 2010

The Absentminded Elephant

They say elephants remember
They say pachyderms keep track
Of every little thing that happens
Every name and place and fact.
And though it's true that most remember
And remember quite a lot
I know an absentminded elephant
Who forgot.

He forgot his mother's birthday
He forgot his father's too
He forgot to do his homework
He forgot to tie his shoes
He forgot to eat his veggies
He forgot to wait his turn
He forgot to wash behind his ears
When would he ever learn?
He forgot to say "Excuse me"
He forgot to say "Thank you"
He forgot to say "I'm sorry"
"Please madam, after you."
He forgot to ask permission
He forgot to feed his fish
He blew out his birthday candles
But forgot to make a wish.

But then one day he heard of
An ingenious little trick
He tied a string around his trunk
It was simple, it was quick!
And so he tied another string
And then he tied a couple more
He tied a string for every little thing
That he'd forgot before.
And now that elephant is happy
He recalls with speed and grace
Cause what's on his mind's as obvious
As the nose upon his face.


  1. You never cease to amaze me. I see this in an illustrated children's book. You have awesome talent. I hope one day you illustrate a few of these online for a sneak peak.

  2. Stupendous! Amazing and absolutely hilarious! You are so talented and I cannot wait to see this published someday. Mom