Friday, January 22, 2010

Horse Jeans

There once was a horse
Unlike any you've seen
This unusual horse
Wore a pair of horse jeans.

They looked strange on a horse
But he kept them quite clean
He slept in and cherished
And loved his horse jeans.

The knights wouldn’t ride him
They could be quite mean.
“We’re not charging into battle
On a horse with horse jeans.”

“We’ll get laughed at by women,
"Little girls and by teens.
"No, we won’t ride a horse
"Who walks around in horse jeans.”

The Queen was concerned
By this unfortunate scene.
So she found a horse doctor
For the horse with horse jeans.

“Give him a full checkup
"By order of the Queen
"We just can’t let this horse
"Walk around in horse jeans.”

When she left the horse said
“Doc, I don’t need a vaccine
"I just like to have pockets
"That’s why I wear horse jeans.”

“Aha!” said the doctor
“If that’s all you need
"I’ve the perfect prescription
"Soon you won’t want horse jeans.”

The next morning the doctor
Went straight to Queen
“I’ve fixed him, he’s cured.
"He’s given up his horse jeans.”

The Queen ran to the stable
To check on the horse
He was standing there smiling
Wearing his new horse shorts.

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