Saturday, January 23, 2010

Code Red

I woke up this morning on Mars
Staring up at the unblinking stars
What I'm doing here
In the final frontier
Is unclear

A countdown, a flight and a crash
A life lost and found in a flash
Alone left for dead
A bump on the head
I see red


Mission control...
Spacecraft down...
If you receive this transmission...
Please advise...


I summon the courage to stand
Cast my shadow across a strange land
My body is weak
My cry hoarse and meek
Outlook bleak

With only one small step in mind
My boot makes a leap for mankind
Horizon line nears
My head slowly clears
Wipe my tears


Mission control...
You got your ears on?


Spaceman wanders lost and alone
Silent beauty of the unknown
Sunlight warms his face
Footsteps fall with grace
Striking place

Fear subsides and at last I find peace
Chart my course over sandy red seas
My heart and head freed
Forever my creed


Mission control...
No need for rescue...
I see signs of life...
Over and out.

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