Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Singular Circus of Simon Sincere

See the Singular Circus of Simon Sincere
It's traveled the world, it's finally here
So step right up and pay the cashier
Just a nickel, not one penny more

Curiosities, oddities, rare and unique
They'll only be here for the rest of the week
No pushing no shoving, you'll all get a peek
Throw your nickel in the jar

Read a poem penned by Attila the Hun
See a stepladder made for Napoleon
See Pope Benedict's face on a sticky bun
And Leonardo da Vinci's eraser

You'll see wondrous things that you'll hardly believe
Like the wedding announcement of Adam and Eve
Hold a melted snowball from Mount Fuji
That's been saved in a soda pop bottle

Cultivate a taste for the finer things
See art procured from the international scene
See a miniature portrait of the Queen
That's affixed to a postal letter

You'll see nature's experiments tested and failed
See a flea no bigger than a whale
An earthworm whose head looks just like its tail
And the world's only one-leaf clover

Prefer the bizarre, the strange, the weird?
Come meet the fat lady who can't grow a beard
See a giant so tiny he disappeared
And the tallest dwarf in the world

Say you like the fantastic stuff instead?
See a lock of hair from a mermaid's head
See a unicorn's saddle, a leprechaun's bed
And a monocle fit for a cyclops

Exotic items guaranteed to attract
Throw the boomerang that never comes back
You'll see a carnivorous Venus flytrap
And its cousin the Venus flyswatter

Witness Mother Nature run amok
See twins from Siam who have come unstuck
See a rabbit's foot that contains no luck
And a duck that can count to one

See a rare Ning vase and a Flaberge egg
A cigar-store Indian with a wooden leg
No need to borrow, steal or beg
Drop your nickel in the jar

It's the Singular Circus of Simon Sincere
The one, the only, a show without peer
If you see imitators, you're forewarned to steer clear
For those hucksters sell nothing but lies

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