Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brother Nature

I'm Mother Nature's brother

I'm a dirty rotten guy

Not as well known as my sister

Though I give it my best try

I'm mischievous and devious

My list of exploits long

I tinker with my sister's work

Until I get it wrong

Ever marveled at the platypus's

Bill, webbed feet and fur?

I mixed a duck and beaver

With a shake and then a stir

I put the hump upon the camel

Pressed the nose of the poor pug

Put the prickles on the porcupine

So he could never hug

I locked away the lowly turtle

Deep inside his boxy shell

Honked the horn of the rhinoceros

Though I don't think he could tell

Yes I'm a dirty rotten scoundrel

I admit this fact of course

Scrubbed the stripes right off a zebra

That's how I made the horse

I broke the mole's eyeglasses

Told the goose that it could sing

Plucked the feathers from the fruit bat

Gave the honeybee its sting

Stretched the neck of the giraffe

And then I stole the monkeys' pants

Stripped the peahen of her plumage

Hid the uncles from the ants

I like trickery and mischief

And I'm quite the gifted thief

You'll find traces of my handiwork

Wherever there is grief

I laundered the flamingos

With a bright red kneehigh sock

And I crammed those extra teeth

Into the mouth of the poor croc

Yes I'm a schemer and a rascal

But I don't get a fair shake

For if I hadn't swiped that lizard's legs

We wouldn't have the snake

So next time you stare in wonder

As a flying squirrel takes flight

You should thank old Brother Nature

For providing such a sight

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