Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cowboy Ed

There once was a cowboy named Ed,
Whose boots were a bright shade of red ...
Silver guns at the ready
Lasso of spaghetti
In a nine gallon hat
Cowboy Ed proudly sat
On a three-legged pony
Who ate only bologna
Backwards in his saddle
His eyes on the cattle
Yes, Ed drove the herd
Never saying a word
Though he did like to hum
And chew pink bubble gum
As he crisscrossed the plains
Holding tight on the reins
With a wild-eyed stare
And the wind in his hair
Others thought he was weird
Cause he shaved half his beard
And he buttered his chaps
And stopped often for naps
Filled his pockets with snakes
And his pants with corn flakes
Had a squeaky left knee
A bovine allergy
And a canteen of gravy
For his pet cactus Davy ...

Ed was a bit odd, they said.

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