Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Purple Speckled Egg

It was a gift from Uncle Gus, brought back from some strange land.
A lovely purple speckled egg placed in my eager hand.
In all his travels he'd found no other
I ran and showed it to my mother
Who said she'd never seen another
Purple speckled egg.

What kind of egg is it you ask? Well, that's still undecided.
I've researched oviparity but found no other like it.
Whatever it is that grows in there
Seems wholly content and unaware
As hour by hour I sit and stare
At my purple speckled egg.

Was it laid by something wriggly? Was it laid by something that flew?
Or produced perhaps by some strange beast that taxonomy never knew?
So fascinating, this fragile prize
That incubates a living surprise
A mystery larger than its size
My purple speckled egg.

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